Phylecia Wilson

Producer & Editor

Hi, my name is Phylecia Wilson.
I’ve worked in the film/TV/video industry for six years. Feel free to take a look around my vCard and contact me for any project considerations. Thanks.

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Detroit, Michigan

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  • NamePhylecia Wilson
  • AddressDetroit, Michigan
  • Phone+0 (123) 456 789
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My Skills


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • CorelDraw
  • Corel Painter

Web Design

  • Javascript
  • Php

3 Styles of Skills

  • Stars
  • Fill
  • Stroke

About Me

Hi, My name is Phylecia...

I’ve worked in the film/TV/video industry for six years. My greatest strengths are in pre-production, field producing, and studio production. Producing skills include leadership in hiring crews, managing schedules, budgeting, castings, and location scouting. I’ve produced segments, features/short films, and music videos. I am efficient in production management in the office and on set. I have directed films, interviews and reenactments. Also I’m proficient with Final Cut Pro studio. I carry great interpersonal skills, in relation to community outreach, talent coordinator, and production staffs. Consideration for employment with your company would be greatly appreciated. Valid references are available upon request..

Selected Projects


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  • Editor

  • Movie 1
  • Flick 2
  • Flick 3
  • Qualifications Summary

    Film and Television Production

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    School of Art

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